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July 3rd Fireworks 2024
All American Day in the Park

Presented by the
Beech Grove Promoters Club
Thursday, July 3rd, 2024
Sara T. Bolton Park
Food, Music & Fun 5:30pm / Fireworks at Approximately 10pm

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Thursday, July 4th, 2024

Food, Music and Fun 5:30pm

Fireworks 10pm (approximately)


Sarah T. Bolton Park

1300 Churchman Avenue | Beech Grove

2023 Activities (2024 To Be Announced)

Kids Zone in the park 5:30-8:30pm  (Free)

(Sponsored by B.G. Comprehensive Drug Free Coalition)

Stephanie Face Painting / Corky the Clown Balloon Animals ($)

Mark Hackler DJ 6:00-10pm (Free)

Food & Beverage Vendors ($)

2024 Vendors To Be Announced, 2023 Vendors Included:

Kona Ice, Pull Up BBQ, MCL Concessions Ribeye Sandwiches, Cody's Cotton Candy, Oriental Chicken Kabobs, Papa Curl Ice Cream, South Port Lion's Club Walking Tacos, Boy Scout Troop 108, Mike O'Mara Hot Dog Stand, Perez Taco Trailer, Monster Lemon Shakeups, Pastabilitiez, Jones Kettle Korn, Feeling Something Sweet, Magnolia Cafe Boba Iced Tea, Beech Grove Band Boosters with Corn on the Cob, Sub Zero Ice Cream

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I park inside the park?   

    • There is limited parking reserved for those with state issued disabled parking permits. This lot will open at 4:45pm and will fill very fast. All others will need to find parking in the general area outside the park. You will need to arrive early if you wish to park in the area. ​

  • If I have a disabled permit, how can I park in the park?  

    • You may enter after 445pm, on a first come, first served basis. Enter the park at 15th Ave & Main St (or put 1500 Main St in your navigation device). You will be directed from there.​

  • If I park inside the park with a disabled permit, can I leave and/or come back? 

    • No, once parked inside the park there are no in/out priveledges. Once parked your vehicle MUST remain stationary until most foot traffic has departed the park. This can take a while after the fireworks are over.​

  • Are restrooms available in the park? 

    • Yes, numerous port-o-lets are available throughout the park. Please note the permanent facilities in the park will be closed during this event.​

  • Can I bring my own food? 

    • Yes! Just please, no BBQ's - the park gets very crowded and BBQ's would not be safe. Also,  you can save yourself trouble by visiting one of our numerous food vendors.​

  • Can I bring my own drinks? 

    • Yes - but alcohol is not permitted in the park.​

  • Can I bring a cooler? 

    • Yes - coolers of all sizes are permitted.​

  • Can I bring my dog/cat/iguana to the park? 

    • You may, however they must be on a leash at all times. You should consider that many pets are very afraid of fireworks and because of the close proximity to our launch zone, the fireworks are very loud. Much louder than at the downtown display.  Also it will be crowded and you should consider if your pet would appreciate being in this environment. If you do decide to bring along your pet, please also bring along supplies for cleaning up after them. ​

  • Can I bring a tent/large umbrella?

    • Yes, but please collapse them before the fireworks begin so that everyone can see!

  • Can I bring my own fireworks?

    • Please leave all personal fireworks at home. The park is very crowded and lighting off any fireworks, even sparklers, could create a dangerous situation. ​

  • Is there a charge to enter the park?

    • No, our event is free admittance. You may consider donating to help keep this tradition going. After the event there will be Promoters Club members wearing red shirts and carrying white buckets to take donations. ​

  • Can I sell items or set up a food truck inside or outside of the park? 

    • No. Only those who have have been invited by the Beech Grove Promoters Club may sell anything inside the park. Outside of the park it is generally prohibited by law to sell on public property without proper permits. A Marion County Board of Health permit is NOT enough. This is strictly enforced!

    • Are you interesting in becoming an invited vendor next year? Click here! 

  • May I fly my drone over the park? 

    • No, this would be incredibly dangerous. The park is very crowded and any mishap could result in serious injuries. Please leave your drone at home. You may see authorized public safety drones over the event. These are piloted by professionals with extensive training.​


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